Dazzling Winter Forest Menu

Limited Time Offer - available from now until Jan 12, 2021

Let's embrace the upcoming dazzling winter holiday season with delicious dishes.

Choose from a selection of 3 hearty main courses, and complete your meal with our limited edition White Truffle Chestnut coffee or chocolate.

* available at table line only
* available at table line only

Our palatable Truffle Chestnut Coffee & Chocolate have returned to stores this winter and these 2 seasonal drinks are extraordinary additions to our drinks menu.


Both drinks are non-diary, covered with mildly sweetened cotton candy which elevates the overall delicious flavors to a whole new level. Come visit our stores and try them out while stock lasts!

Non-Dairy Truffle Chestnut

Perfect Gifts For the Ones You Love

* Limited availability at all stores


Need catering for Thanksgiving, Christmas and other festive occasions? We got you covered. 

Enjoy beautifully and deliciously prepared festive food at the comfort of your own home.

*Enjoy up to 15% off for orders placed online.

Festive Catering

Perfect for 4 people and up

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