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Our Neighbourhood Cafè

Since launching our first cafè in 2003, HABITŪ has different store locations across Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories. With the goal to serve the finest handcrafted coffee and wholesome food, our neighborhood cafès have become a bridging space for people to gather, relax and indulge in the community.


Our Story

Started with a humble dream of creating a family-like Caffè, we name ourselves HABITŪ, derived from the words “habit”, ”habitat” and “habitual”, embodying our strong enthusiasm and boundless vision to create the kind of culture and space where everyone can gather and enjoy artisan coffee with great food......


and Authentic Ingredients

Our drinks and dishes are made with authentic, natural and fresh ingredients with no trace of syndicate coloring or syrup.  Vegan options are also available to promote wellness and sustainable lifestyle.  


Earn to redeem

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Earn a point for every dollar spent with HABITŪ mobile app at any HABITŪ outlet throughout the year.


Exclusive dining offers and privileges are all waiting, start earning as soon as you join.

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