Classico No.3

Sourced Globally | Roasted Locally

This new blend consists of 5 different single-origin coffee beans - Huila (Colombia), Cerrado (Brazil), Sidamo (Ethiopia), Mbeya (Tanzania) and Mandheling (Indonesia). We decided on a unique roasting profile for this blend, contributing to the very complex and full body of the espresso. The new blend is well-structured with layers of sweetness, nutty and chocolate flavor. It also has a smooth and clean mouthfeel when milk is added. 

Acidity: 2

Body: 4  

Aftertaste: 3

Roast Level: Medium Dark

Tasting Profile

As espresso:

rich, raisin, caramel, roasted almond

As milk base coffee:

nutty milk chocolate

Decaf Caffè

A blend of fresh green beans sourced directly from farms in Colombia and Brazil. A natural Swiss Water Process coffee with low acidity, caramel sweetness and dark chocolate finish.

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