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After a year-long development and hard work from our professional coffee team and the renowned coffee roaster Suzuki Coffee, we’re very excited to announce the debut of our second coffee house blend Double Roast, available at all stores from now.


You could now choose between two exceptional coffee blends, Classico No. 3 and Double Roast, each possesses its own unique characteristics, incredible flavor profiles and aroma that suits different types of coffee on our menu, and, your palette at different times of the day!  

Image by Jutta Kamp

About the roasting technique


Double roasting technique is designed to create low acid roasts while enhancing the natural sweetness of the coffee beans.  

Naming after this special roasting technique, the new blend Double Roast are roasted until its first crack, then left to cool down for 48 hours, and thereafter roasted again until the desired roasting level is achieved. 

The cooling phase in between the 2 roasts causes the sugar in the beans to caramelise without burning, allowing the transformation of the beans to evolve into a sweet, deeply rich finish with low acidity.


An extremely pleasant and well balanced flavor profile.  Rich, with honeycomb-like sweetness and toffee-toned finish, especially obvious in milk-based coffee.   

Tasting Profiles

Beans Origins

Brazil Moreninha Formosa, Uganda Bugisu, Brazil Cerrado 

Here's a quick tasting guide to help you decide which blend you'd like to choose for your daily coffee fix.  


Comparison at a glance

Members Exclusive Offer

You're cordially invited to try out the new coffee blend Double Roast with us.  From now until May 2nd, 2021, our app members would receive a free e-voucher within our app for redemption of a complimentary Classico Caffe.  


Check out our app via the below link and become a member now to enjoy this awesome offer! 


*Terms & conditions apply. 

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