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Romance is traditionally related to courtship, diamonds, and marriage. For today’s modern women, on the other hand, we can define our own romance. It can be as simple as a solo, reflective cup of coffee in a beautiful café, a walk through a summer garden, or time with one’s closest female friends. The beauty of romance is that

it can be both inspiring and personal.

Life in Hong Kong is hectic and intense. Romance can also mean being brave enough to slow down, take a breather, enjoy a moment of uplifting peace and serenity, and do something that inspires you.

This summer, HABIT invites you to experience your own idea of romance. From 17 May to 15 September 2019, our Rosemantic Summer oozes a delightfully feminine and luxurious vibe to all our cafes and restaurants. With a special menu, limited edition merchandises and romantic interior styling, it’s an occasion that has to be experienced to be believed.

Rosemantic Summer Drinks

100% Plant-Based - Vegan Friendly - Wellness

Acai Soy Caffè Rosa

Our elegant Signature Caffè Rosa elevated with açaí, organic basil seed and soy milk 

Dairy milk is also available upon request.


Açaí Rosa Espresso Lava

Espresso flows like lava in our homemade vegan agar, topped with Açaí, rose petal and organic basil seed.


Açaí Rosa Raspberry Granita

Freshly made with raspberry puree, blended with Açaí, soy milk, shaved ice, and topped with rose petal and organic basil seed. Dairy milk is also available upon request).


Açaí Rosa Cold Brew Coffee

Aromatic rose, fruity flavoured cold brew coffee with Açaí, topped with rose petal and organic basil seed.


Açaí Rosa Cold Brew Tea

A smooth, rich infusion of Açaí, roselle, and jasmine tea cold brew topped with rose petal and organic basil seed.


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Rosemantic Summer Temptations

Natural ingredients - Premium - Wellness

High Society Crostata

Handcrafted crostata made from Pink Lady apple, cream cheese custard, and buttery shortcrust.


HABITŪ Marble Rose

Rose mousse cheesecake, rose coulis, premium white chocolate ganache.


Power Up Açaí Bowl

Filled with the most powerful superfoods, this delicious bowl includes Açaí, rose petals, blueberries, strawberries, banana, organic chia seeds, goji, coconut flakes, granola and soy milk.


Greek Goddess Hotcakes

Mixed berries, rose petals, Greek yoghurt, strawberry ice-cream and rose strawberry coulis.


Surprise Me Burger

100% Australian beef patty, white cheddar, beets jus roll, think hand-cut fries


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Rosemantic Summer Combo 

Relax - Unwind - Enjoy

Rosemantic All Day Tea Set


The exclusive Rosemantic All Day Tea Set is made to be enjoyed at a leisurely pace with friends or solo. Featuring the gorgeous and delectable handcrafted crostata, burger and cake, it is the very definition of romantic luxury. Each tea set comes with three Rosemantic food, plus your choice of two Rosemantic Summer drinks. Available all day for HKD248.

Rosemantic All Day Refreshment


At our HABITŪ caffè locations, enjoy a simple and delicate treat with the Rosemantic All Day Refreshment. Diners can enjoy a choice of any of our Rosemantic Summer Drinks with a HABITŪ Marble Rose or any Quintessential Cake. Available all day for $88.

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